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In 1992 American Coders was started by Joseph McVerry as a Raleigh NC computer consulting firm. Since that time the company has produced several programing tools for businesses. The products included web page development, dbase access tools, AJAX based web pages and EDI Generators.

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OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI

Release 3.A.3
Corrected for missing control variable to allow EDIFact envelopes include object position when generating XML related file.
Code clean-up using FindBug tool


Updated HIPAA 5010 package.

Corrected NPE (Null Pointer Exception) in validation routines.


Updated HIPAA 5010 package.

Added 005010X210/275 - Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter

Several rules files IDList IDCodes had no value specified.


Updated HIPAA 5010 package.

Added Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter (275)


Updated HIPAA 5010 package.

Added 005010X215 Health Care Services Review - Inquiry and Response (278)


HIPAA Transaction Gap Analysis Tool

Removed 4010/5010 gap analysis tool and HIPAA 4010 Transaction Testing


xBaseJ - dBase for Java (OpenSource)

Added support for Clipper large char fields.


Successfully converted the UN/EDIFACT 10B specifications to the OBOE XML rules file format.


EDI X12 File Scrubber

Open Source Code Application to scrub X12 data.


Stock Analysis Tool - Point & Figure

Updated Excel spreadsheet context with Point and Figure recommendations.


jExigo - Java Fixed Decimal open source package.

New Release - rebuild class structure, improved computational speed.


PIXES an Scripting Language Based on XML

Release 1.1.6 - Improved file WRITE tag logic.


Brief Discussion for Tracking HIPAA Claims

Very simple HIPAA claims tracking system for providers using the PIXES for OBOE and XML


Free SEF to XML File Converter

Corrected null pointer exception


Success in EDI development starts with a well-designed and easy-to-use back-end package such as OBOE - Open Businesses Objects for EDI. To get started select the "Download Trial Version" link below.

OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI. Get up to speed quickly with our EDI Parser/Generator to build EDI applications in less than a week. Based on the Java language, this EDI tool is used by over 100 companies around the world. The OBOE Package works with ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and others.
It's free.

OBOE for HIPAA 5010 The same package with extended classes to handle the HIPAA 5010 specific definitions.

OBOE For HIPAA 4010 The same package with extended classes to handle the HIPAA 4010 specific definitions.

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