Reaching Your Small to Medium Size Enterprise Partners

Reaching the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) partner continues to be a problem for large EDI Shops. Below is a discussion on how to reach the SMEs using Internet Mail.

Even with the wide spread use of the Internet companies are still taking a "Rip N' Tear" approach to EDI data transmissions.

Requiring your SMEs to use specific hardware and software platforms may be a cost and resource burden on their budgets.

By receiving EDI documents using Internet mail you will provide your SMEs clients and vendors the ability to download/upload business transactions directly into each others machines or view it with a simple data viewer. Even if you and the SME are running software on different machines and platforms you can effectively and inexpensively communicate.

Oracle's Sun Microsystems has developed the language Java as the programming language of the Internet. Using Java machines on different platforms can share data by direct communications using the Internet. By providing your SMEs with applications written in Java you and they can continue to do business with each other but without the hassles of requiring proprietary communication and hardware platforms.

Steps to follow:

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So all you need is

  1. Java
  2. An application such as OBOE
  3. Access to the Internet to reach your SME clients and vendors.

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